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Content of Exhibitors & Affiliates Video

Our exhibitors are carefully chosen for their expertise and professionalism. Many have worked with us for over 10 years

Exhibitors graduate from our “Corporate Educator” workshops prepared to host an interactive educational display

All are expected to:

  • Accept your insurance plans when applicable
  • teach a skill
  • Share valuable knowledge
  • Provide educational hand outs
  • Bring gifts and samples
  • Donate a generous door prize
  • Enthusiastically interact and engage your employees

Local Businesses are generous resources. We bring the best to your employees!

  • Medical Groups, hospitals, and specialists
  • Your industrial medical group
  • Retailers of health and safety products and services
  • Fitness Centers, Yoga Studios, Martial Arts dojos
  • Recreational Programs
  • Community Services

National Affiliates provide Value-added benefits for your employees. We add new ones constantly.

Literally dozens of free resources are at our fingertips.

No need to spend time searching.!

We do all the “due diligence” so you can relax and enjoy the day

Open our Ultimate Wellness Directory for more ideas!