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The Quality of The Exhibitors Defines the Value of An Expo!

We choose our exhibitors with care and forethought to the agenda of each event, and the interests and lifestyle of each employee group.

Organizing over 5000 events over the years, in at least 50 geographic locations, nationwide we have learned that while major prevention objectives must always be addressed, including eating healthier, increasing exercise, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and smoking cessation, each workforce has its own unique personality.

By interviewing local resources, we invariably find exhibitors who understand and speak to the deep concerns of the people in their immediate community, in a language they hear and understand.

Our events are built specifically to intimately relate to the attendees, motivating them to join local fitness facilities, get involved in yoga, golf, bowling , healthy cooking classes, or whatever activity best suits the group.

Most exhibitors are willing to offer corporate discounts and value-added benefits at no cost to the employer, creating even more value to the employees. Of course, all exhibitors bring either screenings, and samples plus educational materials to fill Goody Bags to the brim. Each exhibitor also contributes a generous door prize for a Drawing at the end of the day.

In the end, it’s all about building meaningful relationships between your employees and the valuable wellness and safety resources right in their own back yard!

View an Expo introducing the exhibitors we chose for Workday, Inc., a rapidly growing cloud-based data management company in Northern California, who launched a comprehensive wellness program with a People Growers Expo!

Quality Events, with appropriate hand-picked exhibitors are available at competitive costs, nationwide.
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