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Cost Savings Analysis

What is a Cost Savings Analysis you ask?

People Grower’s “Party with a Purpose” provide tons of valuable prizes, samples, information, and lots of other goodies! The Cost Savings Analysis is a report we generate at the conclusion of your event to summarize what we brought to the table via our fabulous exhibitors. We let you know who came to your event, roughly how many people visited each table, what each exhibitor brought to showcase/award/inform your employees, and what the employees and exhibitors had to say about the event. This report is an integral part to your future events with People Growers so you can learn what really impacts your employees to increase the participation next year.

Sample CSA
Sample-2013-CSA-page-1-editedSample 2013 CSA page 2Sample 2013 CSA page 3Sample 2013 CSA page 4Sample 2013 CSA page 5Sample 2013 CSA page 6