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Kathy Bailey, Founder and CEO of People Growers of America, personally teaches “The Secrets of Corporate Promotion” only twice a year. Kathy and her team have sold over 5000 Corporate Expos in 30 years of business, and have earned a prestigious reputation for establishing their People Growers Members as valuable providers of Corporate Wellness and Safety Services, locally and nationwide.

She shares step-by-step proven protocols for establishing long-term productive relationships with large employers and their employees.

A One-Day event – Saturday January 24th 8:30am-4pm

Think Together Conference Center: 2101-A E. 4th St. Santa Ana, CA 92705

Only 25 seats are available

Registration begins at 8:30, presentation at 9AM sharp!

Who should attend?

Corporate America is especially interested in meeting:

Wellness Centers featuring healing modalities and healthy lifestyles, Acupuncturists, Alternative Healing Arts, Chiropractors, Digestion Products, Energy Healers, Financial Counselors, Fitness Coaches, Foot Care Podiatrists and Products, Home Care and Hospice Services, Home Gardening, Home Safety and Security, Hydroponic and Composting, Hypnotherapists, “Greening“ for home and workplace, Life Coaches, Longevity Practitioners, Non-toxic cleaning and body products, Nutritional Counselors, Preventative Practitioners, Reflexologists, Skin Care Professionals, Vision Care Professionals, Weight Management, and More!

You Need to Know and Understand

Why new Federal ACA (Affordable Care Act) Corporate Guidelines installed in 2014, and increasingly reinforced in 2015, insist that wellness and safety programs be installed at the corporate level. Your services, skills, and products are not only needed, but mandatory!

What are you waiting for? Saturday November 8th will change the way you do business forever.

Impact lives One employee and One family at a time…

Reserve a spot for you, your staff, and your colleague today!
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Corporate Marketing Workshop Flyer

Corporate Marketing Workshop Flyer