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Why Your Wellness Program Should Include an Expo

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Expos are a rare opportunity to bring everyone together!

Management, mid-management, union, various divisions who may never all be in one place at one time, even shift workers, contract employees and interns experience each other’s excitement and participation at a “Party With a Purpose”. There is a palpable sense of “community” generated at an event that can be seen, tasted and experienced by all!


Expos give valuable group feedback

Expos are a great time to gather surveys, and interest lists, as well as generate interest in valuable wellness and safety initiatives. These surveys and interest lists are powerful tools for validating workforce interest when meeting with your wellness committee and upper management after the event; petitions for implementation, so to speak.


Expos are excellent venues for biometric screening programs!

Instead of a Know-Your-Numbers “disease fair”, easily perceived by employees with skepticism and resistance, EXPOS that include a variety of exhibits and displays “soften” the mood, and wrap the biometric screenings with food samples, value-added benefits, and fun! Employees are less likely to balk at participating in the “mandatory” screenings if most of the event is about choice and options, with plenty of gifts and samples for their GOODY BAGS, and door prizes!

Besides, Expos gather “all the sheep together” for the biometric screens, making it less time consuming to gather complete data, and more efficient, overall.

Expos can be used:

  • To kick off a new wellness program
  • To make a boring open enrollment exciting and interactive
  • To re-energize a lackluster wellness program
  • To launch a new initiative such as a Walking Challenge, A Self Defense Class, a new safety protocol, or even a fundraiser for a favorite cause.

Before you call your Wellness Program complete, contact our Professional Event Planners, most of whom have organized hundreds of Wellness and Safety Expos.


EXPOS, if organized according to OSHA guidelines, qualify as an OSHA Safety Training

We guarantee your Expo is OSHA qualified, while being the most popular and well-attended feature of your safety initiative.

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