People Growers of America, INC

The Nation’s Premier Corporate Event Planning Company

Why Partner with People Growers of America

Reliability and Reputation

People Growers of America has been hosting on-site educational events since 1985. With 5000 events under our belts, we have handled every situation and challenge imaginable. There is no substitute for experience and longevity! Companies such as Boeing, Daimler, CenturyLink, and Allergan have entrusted hundreds of events to People Growers over the years. Our references are impressive, and our performance flawless.

Flexibility and Personalization

We create every event with an eye towards YOUR AGENDA. We believe wellness events are far more than “random acts of health”, but should support your ongoing health and safety initiatives. Our events are not “health-related swap meets” where vendors who paid to be there are pushing their wares.
Our events are responsible, educational, interactive support systems, built exactly to your specifications.

Peace of Mind

Because you, and your broker if you have one, will have full control of exhibitor choice, you will never be put in the embarrassing position of explaining why a particular exhibitor is at your event, doing or selling something inappropriate for your employee group or theme. Our exhibitors are not allowed to contact your employees without their permission, or aggressively solicit. Many of the exhibitors in our events can represent YOUR ONGOING WELLNESS AND SAFETY PROGRAM, tying everything together in a cohesive experience.

Excellent Return on Your Investment

We charge reasonable fees for our services, because our events are not primarily funded by booth sales. Many of the exhibits will represent YOUR WELLNESS PROGRAM. You retain ownership and control. Ownership and Control may cost you a little more, but in the long run, it’s a wise investment!
The question is: Is this an event that’s integral to your initiatives, or is it a “cookie cutter’ event out of your control? If a group offers to organize your event at no cost, their agenda may not match yours. People Growers has only one goal: to support your Wellness and Safety initiatives fully.

Full Service Programs

Our network of providers and alliances offer on-line wellness platforms, full biometrics and screenings, incentive programs, and safety trainings at the best possible rates. Allow us to bring the best resources to you!