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How We Roll!

Rolling out a spectacular event is easy with People Growers!

After all, we work with dozens of brokerages and organized over 5000 Open Enrollments, Expos, and Screening Programs.

First Step: Fill out an event order form (link to form) and submit on line or fax

You will receive a bid within 24 hours, with pricing for everything you have requested, including organizational fees, screening costs, and other expenses.

We may call you with questions

When the bid is accepted, we plan a three-way call with your client to interview

them concerning their specific goals and expectations.

We generate a suggested list of topics and/or specific exhibitors. Client accepts or declines each one. Client may suggest additional exhibitors.

We assign one of our professional event coordinators who will be the PGA contact person throughout production. She/he begins “building’ the event procuring free screenings, refreshments and benefits booths first, and adding on all other topics.

We generate a progress report to broker and client on regular basis, with scheduled conference calls.

Flyers, and other marketing materials are produced and sent to client for copying

Registration materials are sent to client for copying.

Tables, chairs, canopies, catering are ordered by PGA, if needed. Bills are sent to client or broker as directed.

Final list of exhibitors is submitted two weeks prior to event, with rare exceptions

Final security and parking directions are sent to exhibitors. All exhibitors are called to confirm attendance two days before event.

Our team arrives two hours before event. Often we set up day before event, if possible.

Our team decorates, runs registration and door prize booth, escorts exhibitors to their tables, welcomes employees and ensures smooth crowd flow. We clean up after event, and help with door prize drawing.

We generate a cost savings analysis (link) and conduct a conference call debriefing with client and broker. We plan for our next event!