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The Nation’s Premier Corporate Event Planning Company

People Growers of America is the Broker’s Best Friend!

We understand that our events reflect directly on the brokerages who partner with us.

We work strategically with both you and your client to insure that your expo meets all the requirements of the Fair Care Act as a non-performance based wellness program.

Our Safety Expos meet all OSHA Safety training requirements as a qualified mandatory safety training

People Grower’s Event Coordinators are seasoned professionals, adept at listening to, and answering, the special requests of Benefits Directors, HR Managers and Safety Managers. Your clients may be quite astute when it comes to wellness and safety program initiatives, or they may be organizing their very first program.

We can meet them at their level, and put them at ease, knowing they are in capable hands.

Our favorite and most frequent compliment from our broker relationships as well as our client contacts is that we are excellent communicators, quickly responding to questions large and small. We generate frequent progress reports. There are no “surprise exhibitors” or dropped balls when it comes to pre-event flyers, decorations, catering, and other special requests.

Our Services: People Growers of America provides a full range of wellness and safety program resources

  • A broad range of on-line web platforms from which to choose
  • On Site Health and Nutrition Coaching
  • On Site Fitness Training
  • On Site Yoga and Tai Chi Classes
  • Health risk appraisals, both on-line and hard copy
  • A full choice of health and biometric screenings at the best possible price
  • All inoculation requests

Receive a Bid for your important client or contact us directly. We are ready to take your call!

Broker references available upon request