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Sing Your Way to Wellness

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To The Person organizing your company’s wellness And safety program,

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 3.46.30 PMHere is the People Growers’s wellness philosophy, in a little “sing along” format,

from the old song, “Accentuate the Positive!”

For a successful WELLNESS PROGRAM, you gotta:


Kids and Grown-ups of all ages learn only by EXPERIENCE, and ACTION!

Nobody has ever learned how to ride a bicycle by reading a manual. And nobody has ever learned to be healthy simply from visiting a computer wellness site.

The BIG EASY SECRETS for bringing wellness to the workplace are the simplest!

On-site walking clubs, nutrition and fitness coaching, yoga classes, basketball and baseball teams, tai chi, dance classes and even simple stretching work-outs at breaks are proven to be the REAL way to moving your workplace to a new awareness of the value of movement!

A favorite HR director of ours at Kawasaki told us about 20 years ago that exercise is “anything you can do without a beer in your hand”. Get your employees moving to ACT-centuate the Positive!


Fear of cancer, heart disease and stroke doesn’t always seem to work to change habits, does it?

It’s certainly imperative to offer biometric screenings, including:

health risk appraisals, HDL/LDL cholesterol screens, glucose testing, blood pressure, body fat, weight and waist measurements, and bone density.

With these statistics, you “wake up:” an amazing number of employees! We see a shocking many of them surprised with their blood pressure, especially!

As a bonus, your company gathers important baseline data so you have realistic and fact-based statistics from which to launch valuable diabetes, weight, exercise and smoking intervention programs.

Improved statistics will definitely lower your insurance costs, and change the life courses of employees ready to “see the light”.

Sadly, we have seen some companies choose to marginalize group wellness events (health expos and motivational events) and create DISEASE FAIRS. All screening, testing, and no enjoyment is like going to the doctor and having her say” Well, first the bad news”.


Everyone learns best when smiling, and DOING!


WELLNESS is a BIG WORD, not even in our vocabulary until the early 1990’s!

Soften the “TOUGH LOVE” of HRA’s, biometric screening programs and flu shots with healthy doses of new ideas, new products and services that positively impact every aspect of your employees’ lives.

Financial planning and mortgage programs, alternative healing arts, massage, auto and cell phone safety, pet health, home health care, emergency preparedness…the possibilities are limitless!

That’s where wellness and safety expos really shine!

We have seen with our own eyes literally 100,000 happy workers with their goody bags full of samples and their tummies full of “weird” new foods like kale chips and Yakult probiotic drink, leaving a health and and safety event tickled pink by being honored by their employers, and each one thinking of a new possibility.. some are determined to join that gym, start taking natural supplements, or eating better. Seeing those employees enjoy your company’s event, and you taking a humble pleasure in making that happen….that is a reward worth experiencing!

Positive changes require a positive experience!

Affirmations always work!

ACT-centuate the positive of your wellness program

And remember the power of play!

Take a chance!


To explore your wellness program choices, call People Growers of America,

serving the corporate community since 1985!

Yours in Good Health,

Kathy Bailey, Founder and CEO

People Growers of America