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Outside of The Box

No matter how optimistic a slant one puts on getting older, it just ain’t pretty! But one of the advantages of being in the corporate wellness business for 27 years is that I enjoy a unique “bird’s eye view” of the whole industry, where it’s been, and a fairly good idea of where it is going.

One definite evolution I’m seeing is that the scope of the word “Wellness” is getting broader by the minute. When I started visiting companies in the early 80’s, almost nothing was being done in the area of employee health education.

Can you imagine that smoking at your desk was common?

I had to ask an HR Director of a well-known “white bread” bakery to refrain from lighting up while we plotted the simplest of strategies…. back exercises and posture screenings, a dental health display, or on-site blood pressure checks.

I felt like Dora The Explorer in an uncharted jungle!

Now our most popular booth themes at our Expos surprise even our staff and me! We are actually challenged to think of new topics…a large hospital in California recently required we include “out of the box” ideas in their RFP!

Here are just some of the best and most popular. We hope they stimulate you to think of others, and share them with us.

Pets are People, Too!

Animals are a big part of our lives and play a major role in family health. We all know that petting your beloved dog or cat lowers blood pressure and relaxes tension. Walking or playing with your dog is wonderful exercise.

The local humane society or animal rescue groups, who are glad to promote awareness of their programs, provide some of our most popular displays. We have had everything from kittens to barn owls to rosy boas and horned toads (in a cage, of course!) visit our expos. Note that these displays are best included in outdoor or well-ventilated venues….. there’s always one employee who will complain of animal allergies. Simply suggest they avoid that display!

“Fiscal Fitness” is Always Popular!

Money (or lack thereof!) is a big source of stress for our workforce. Exhibitors who focus on financial planning for college or retirement, or how to get the best buy on a mortgage or house refinance are always showered with questions. Credit Unions and banks offering special corporate services bring much appreciated value-added benefits to any expo. And remember to include continuing education information from local and on-line colleges.

We have so many more ideas to share! Hypnotherapists teaching one-minute relaxation techniques, acupuncturists and alternative healing, healthy cooking demos, with samples of crispy kale chips, instant belly dancing, ballroom dancing or hula-hoop classes from local exercise facilities(once again lots of camaraderie and laughter!) make a Wellness Event enticing and full-bodied.

We challenge you to think outside the wellness box and remember that group interaction and engagement are powerful motivators for change! And feel free to contact our experienced staff for more innovative ideas!


Yours in Good Health,

Kathy Bailey, Founder and President

People Growers of America