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About People Growers

People Growers of America is a corporate event planning company dedicated to bringing concepts of wellness, fitness, safety and self responsibility skills to the workplace through interactive educational events. Our company acts as a liaison between fine community health care professionals, educators, and corporations interested in improving the lifestyles of their employees. Please feel free to browse the many resources and topics that are now available nationwide, or contact us for more information on how People Growers can help.

Benefit, Wellness & Safety Events . Onsite Education . Employee Appreciation

These are exciting times for Corporate Wellness and as this rapidly growing industry changes, People Growers is always developing new and innovative programs. With over 32 years of experience, we have programs to fit any employee demographic and budget. Let us share with you some new ideas that will save you time and money as well as:

  • Raise Morale
  • Reduces Illness Related Absence
  • Support Employee Retention
  • Cut Health Care Premiums
  • Reduces Stress

We will “Grow your People” and your bottom line!

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